Energy stone massage: benefits and contraindications

Currently, almost all people, regardless of age and social status, try to keep themselves in shape. There are many different ways to do this. Some people prefer diets, others prefer visiting gyms, and others prefer going to spas. But many of them, in addition to the above activities, try to regularly resort to a variety of massages. This helps to relieve tension, relax tired muscles, improve blood circulation. There are a lot of types of massages. One of them is stone massage in delhi.

Stone therapy. What does that mean?

The concept of “stone massage” comes from the English word “stone”, which means “stone” in translation. This suggests that stones are used in such a procedure. The essence of the procedure is as follows: the stones are brought to a certain temperature (as a rule, this is about 40 degrees) and they are painted on the body in certain places. Gradually they give up their heat, thereby relaxing the body and warming up the muscles. This procedure, carried out by specialists in this field, becomes not only therapeutic, but also pleasant.

Now almost all health facilities offer hot stone treatments to their visitors. The number of sessions directly depends on the type of stones used. Specialists place them on certain areas of the body and make massage movements that resemble glides. To achieve greater effect, many spas practice alternating hot and cold stones, which quickly change. Such a contrast favorably affects the walls of blood vessels, strengthening them.

Massage exposure areas (full body massage in delhi)

Before proceeding to the procedure, attention should be paid not only to the general condition of the human body, but also to its individual physique. As a rule, all parts of the body are involved in the process: from the crown of the head to the tips of the legs. As for the face, the movements are exclusively along the massage lines through light clicks on the active points. If a person is tormented by headaches, then much attention needs to be paid to the temples and the back of the head.

The Thai type of massage makes it possible to exert an effect on all human organs: intestines, spine, gall bladder, kidneys, liver and so on. For these purposes, pebbles are laid out in the area of certain vertebrae. To achieve complete relaxation, gems are laid along the ridge on both sides, gradually flexing the muscles on the side.
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