Massage with lava stones

Li Spa Centre in Delhi is one of the best hot stone massage centre in south Delhi.
Hot stone massage is one of the best therapies for overall relaxation and regeneration. It is done using special massage touches, warm lava stones and aromatic oil.

The combination of warmth, touch and smell ranks her rightfully among the queens of massage and becomes an unforgettable experience for the client.

Hot pressure from the stones penetrates, among other things, immediately into the muscles.

Release relieves convulsions
Bolest dissolves pain and leaves tissue stiffness (tissue regeneration)
Total overall blood circulation improves, lymphatic and immune systems are strengthened
Heat regulates digestion and speeds up metabolism
Significantly helps in eliminating sleep problems, concentration and inability to relax
Excellent equally important is the excellent relaxing effect of the massage on the client's psyche


    heat hypersensitivity
    heart disease, high blood pressure
    injuries, bruises, skin problems, sun burns, varicose veins
    infectious diseases, inflammation, fever, postoperative condition
    diabetes, epilepsy
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